From reportage to studio discussion. Civic activists from Balti monitored problems of urban field

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During the period from August to October,2020 the Association for Human Rights LEX XXI produced four TV shows dedicated to acute social issues from the life of Balti.

On the air, a series of on-site reportages and specific examples of urban problems could be seen, which preceded the discussion in the studio on the following topics:

1. Deforestation of trees and reduction of green spaces in Balti municipality.

2. Transparency of Balti municipal enterprises. How important is it to ensure effective administration?

3. Water, sewerage, public toilets are the most important elements of a civilized standard of living. What is the situation in the Balti municipality in this area?

4. Historical monuments protected by the state. What is the attitude of Balti municipality to these pearls left by our ancestors?

As participants, we managed to attract both citizens with an active civil position and specialists in the areas under discussion, including the director of the Agency for the Inspection and Restoration of Monuments in Moldova, Ion Stefanita.

Our goal was to draw attention to important urban problems, as well as exchange views and information, which should contribute to the emergence of new ideas, methods and solutions that will help turn Balti not just into a modern city, but into a city for people, which requires effective management, control by civil society and transparency at the stages of development, adoption and implementation of decisions of the local administration. The TV shows were filmed as part of the ”Mobilization for Monitoring” project, implemented by the Association for  Human Rights Lex XXI, funded by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation under the Local Civil Society Development in the Republic of Moldova grant program.

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