Why do we need gender equality?

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Why do we need gender equality? Why does the gender factor need to be taken into account in the budget process? These were the topics addressed today, December 29, in the discussion organized by the team of the Association for Human Rights Lex XXI. It seems that decision makers do not know that they should always take into account the structure of the population and the needs of the people in a fair way. These processes are addressed in gender-sensitive budgeting. Any budget must be gender sensitive. Participants found and discussed examples when women’s needs are not taken into account in road construction, street lighting installation, priority funding for types of sports favorable to men (when building football fields, boxing halls, etc., etc.) These topics have provoked contradictory discussions, but the public has found that even the needs of people with special needs must be taken into account when investing in infrastructure, especially women who are a significant part of the population can not be neglected.The activity was organized within the project “Moldova against discrimination” implemented by Gender-Center in partnership with IREX Europe and Genderdoc-M, with the financial support of the European Union.

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