Mechanisms for the protection of victims of domestic violence used by the Balti Police Inspectorate

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Women remain the most affected category of people subjected to domestic violence. On January 20, 2021, several civic activists, NGO representatives and the ADO Lex XXI team gathered to discuss this phenomenon, namely “Mechanisms for the protection of victims of domestic violence used by the Balti Police Inspectorate”.

The event took place in collaboration with the Balti Police Inspectorate and the Governmental Organization “People’s Advocate Office”. The representatives of these institutions spoke about the phenomenon of violence against women nowadays, about the statistical data and most importantly about the methods of diminishing this phenomenon.

The services that victims of violence can benefit from were also mentioned, such as:

Information and guidance in cases of domestic violence;


Primary legal advice;

Redirection to other services, as needed;

Guidance and support;

Free assistance from a lawyer and a psychologist.

The representative of IP Bălți told the participants how all these notions are applied in practice and what is the situation in Bălți municipality.

The activity was organized within the project “Moldova against discrimination” implemented by Gender-Center in partnership with IREX Europe and Genderdoc-M, with the financial support of the European Union.

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