EU // Young people from Soldanesti district trained in order to monitor the efficiency and transparency of the process of implementing local environmental plans

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Between March and April 2021, over 50 young people from Soldanesti district participated in 4 Trainings in order to monitor the efficiency and transparency of the implementation process of local environmental plans.During the 4 trainings, the young people were informed about the possibility of any citizen to monitor the strategies of development and implementation of local and regional public policies in the environmental protection sector. The training topics covered the following topics: Local Public Administrations and Public Institutions – competencies and obligations of their employees; Ways to get involved in the decision-making process and monitor them at the community level; Open data. Ways of obtaining and using information regarding public procurement, data on real estate registered on the territory of the Republic of Moldova; Waste – a problem or a resource?

The purpose of the training is to enable the young people of Soldanesti district to actively participate in the process of monitoring the implementation of local environmental policies at the regional level.

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