Organizational policies in non-profit organizations

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NGOs are increasingly confronted with the situation in which they have to present the structure of the organization, the competencies of the structural elements, the involvement of society in the process of governing the organization, and this trend is becoming more pronounced.How important is the elaboration of organizational policies everyone knows but not everyone elaborates them. On April 30, 2021 ADO Lex XXI organized the training entitled “Organizational policies in non-profit organizations”. This training was organized to help the NGOs in Balti to develop and improve their internal policies and procedures in accordance with national legislation, with the basic requirements of donor institutions, but first of all – in accordance with the needs and specifics of each organization. All theoretical materials were combined with practical exercises, making the training more accessible and illustrative.

The event was organized by Association for Human Rights Lex XXI within the project “Monitoring public procurement” funded byNational Endowment for Democracy and took place in online format.

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